Uphill Rush 3

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Uphill Rush 3 Instructions

As for controls of Uphill Rush 3, they are pretty easy to learn and master... much easier compared to the previous installment. The driving and steering part stays pretty much the same. Press the up directional key to start moving forward and accelerate. Hit the down directional key to slow down and back up... this should be useful for gathering momentum. And the left and right arrow keys are for leaning - this is crucial for keeping your motorcycle at a balanced position all the time. While that part stays the same, the controls for the stunts have changed. To execute a motorcycle stunt, just press the space bar button and that is done automatically for you. Some of you, especially those who are new to motorcycle games, may find this nice since it makes it easier for you to micro your motorcycle. Back then, you need to press numbers 1 to 5 to execute a stunt. HOWEVER, others may find the game less challenging and somewhat watered down. You take your pick. As for me, it's not much of a deal. As for the Nitro Power, same thing... the more stunts you pull off, the faster it's filled. Once you need that speed boost for your motorcycle, just press X to activate the nitro and set that motorcycle track on fire! Onto the game...


Uphill Rush 3


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