Uphill Rush 2

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Uphill Rush 2 Instructions

Just like its elder brother (a game of the same name) and other online motorcycle games, the controls of Uphill Rush needs a good keyboard. Use your arrow keys to drive and steer your motorcycle: press up to move forward and accelerate. Should you need to slow down and back up, hit the down directional key instead and hold on to it. Leaning left or right is crucial in keeping your motorcycle in a balanced position whether you are in mid air or on the ground. To lean, use your left and right arrow keys. Just remember, don't hold on either of these buttons for too long. Otherwise, the motorcycle will trip, deducting a life from the original 5, and you need to start again from the nearest check point. For jumping and making the most out of those ramps, just press the space bar button. One vital change that I like a lot about Uphill Rush 2 is that the controls for the stunts are now detailed. Makes perfect sense since almost all motorcycle games are all about stunts and tricks... earning points or whatever through them. Anyway, pressing any of number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 will execute a stunt. By the way, stunts in Uphill Rush 2 are performed while you are in mid air. The stunts, before I forget, will fill up your Nitro Power. Once it's all filled, and you need a sudden boost of speed, just press number 5 to get the job done. With the controls taken care of, let's check out the game...


Uphill Rush 2


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