Uphill Rush

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Uphill Rush Instructions

Nothing unusual about this motorcycle game, pretty standard, as far as the controls department is concerned. Just like most motorcycle games, you will use your arrow / directional keys for the most part. To accelerate and set the track on fire, press the up directional key and old on to it. To slow down and back up, perhaps to try build up some velocity for that loop, press the down directional key. And as for the left and right buttons, they are for leaning on those directions. Just be cautious, though, pressing those buttons for too long, whether you are in mid air or your wheels are touching the track will cause your motorcycle to flip. NOT GOOD! Ramps - they are very crucial in every level of Uphill Rush and you better take advantage of them with the jump button (that's the space bar)... allowing you to cover more distance. Also, there's the Turbo bar. Once you have filled, well... you get a turbo speed boost (not surprising). By the way, to start filling the turbo button, you gotta do 360s and other stunts, which is NOT easy at all. Anyway, with the controls taken care of, let's have a closer look at the game.


Uphill Rush


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