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Stunt Biker Instructions

The controls of Stunt Biker is pretty standard for a motorcycle game - for steering and driving your motorcycle, you are going to use your keyboard's directional buttons: (1) Press up to move forward and accelerate. (2) Hit the down directional key to back up - this is very useful for getting enough momentum before taking a leap over an obstacle. (3) The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, is for tilting up and tilting down. You need this for keeping your motorcycle in a balanced position especially if you are in mid air. Brake, unless you want to hit the dead end and crash with your face first, you need to hit the brakes. To do so, just press the CTRL button. And as for those obstacles that you need to jump over, pressing the Space Bar button at the appropriate moment should get the job done. Alright, with the controls taken care of, let's take a closer look at the game...


Stunt Biker


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