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Neon Rider Instructions

As far as controls go, there's nothing outrageous or very complicated in Neon Rider World. It's pretty standard: use the W, A, S, and D buttons to drive and steer your neon motorcycle. Press W to move forward and accelerate, A and D to tilt your bike whichever direction you want (left or the way, this is crucial for keeping your motorcycle in a balanced position), and to slow down and back up, just press the S button. Piece of cake, isn't it? Alright, there's one tricky part though: you need to change your motorcycle's color. Nah, this isn't just to make your ride look awesome and cool. No, rather it could mean the difference between finishing the level unscathed or dropping into the abyss and starting over. Anyway, to switch colors, you need to use your keyboard's directional buttons. Initially, your motorcycle is neon blue. Hit the up directional key to switch to Green. Pressing the left arrow key, on the other hand, switches it to red and the right one for yellow. To get the original color back, neon blue, press the down key. That's it for the controls. Now, let's check out the game.


Neon Rider


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