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FMX Team Instructions

As far as controls go, there is nothing out of this world or complicated with FMX Team. It's all pretty standard like most motorcycle games out there - do get your bike moving to the right direction, just use your keyboard's directional keys: (1) press and hold on to the up arrow key to accelerate. (2) To lean left or right, use the corresponding directional keys. (3) And last BUT not the least, to slow down when things are getting a little out of control, just hit the down arrow key. FMX team is a trick and stunt centered motorcycle game. To pull off those stunts and tricks, use number keys 1 to 3. On top of that, there are many other tricks to learn aside from those that are already in your arsenal. For the newly acquired motorcycle tricks, pressing 4 or 5 should do the trick. Oh, one last reminder: should you need to pause the game to do something else, just press the space bar button.


FMX Team


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