Diesel And Death

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Diesel And Death Instructions

If we are to talk about the controls department, there's nothing to worry about in Diesel And Death. Nothing fancy, there's nothing complicated, and everything about the control scheme seems pretty standard when you compare it to other online motorcycle games: you will need your directional / arrow keys a lot: (1) Press the left or right arrow keys to move accordingly - backward or forward. (2) When your opponent Diesel throws nukes, grenades, etc. at you, dodge them by jumping if you want to live and see another racing day. To do this, press the up directional key. This is also useful for passing through those hoops without any hassle. Power Ups - not only will you find A LOT of them in this game, it's the life blood of the game! To use the power up you just picked, press the down arrow key. Alternatively, you can use the Space Bar. I guess that's about it for the controls. Now that we have taken care of it, let's take a closer look at the game...


Diesel And Death


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