Dare Devil

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Dare Devil Instructions

While a little more complex than most motorcycle games, the control scheme of Dare Devil is, nevertheless, quite easy to follow and master: (1) Press the up directional key to move forward and hold on to it to accelerate. (2) To do a wheelie or lean to the left, press the left directional key. (3) To lean to the right or perform a 360 while you are catching a lot of air, hit the right directional key. (4) To slow down and brake, hit the down directional key... and believe me, you need to press that button especially after speeding up to a ramp and performing a stunt. Otherwise, you will hit the dead end hard and that means starting from square one. Stunts - no motorcycle game is complete without the stunts. And judging from the name of this game - Dare Devil, this game is all about stunts and racking points with them: (1) To get a bike rotation going, just press the A button. (2) Perform a bar rotation by pressing the S button. (3) Want to ride your bike like Superman? No biggie, just press D. (4) And last BUT not the least, to pull off our beloved 360, press and hold on to either the left or right directional key. Oh, one reminder: you pull off stunts while you are in mid air... not when you are on the ground. Make the mistake of doing that and you'll fall flat on your face. OK, now that we have taken care of the controls, let's go ahead and check out the game...


Dare Devil


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