CycloManiacs 2

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CycloManiacs 2 Instructions

The control and game play of this motorcycle game - Cyclomaniacs 2, is very straightforward: use the W key (or its alternative up arrow key) to move forward and S button (down arrow key) to stop. The left and right arrow keys (A and D buttons) are for leaning forward or backward. There are a couple of things you got to keep in mind: (1) first, your bike hates you and (2) you need to avoid touching the terrain with any part of your driver's body. Do the latter and that will send you straight to the previous checkpoint flag. Oh! By the way, you need to boost and speed past the other racers if you want to have any shot of finishing in the first 3 spots. A good way to ensure to keep that top speed constantly is to do stunts. Read on and see how to pull that off.


CycloManiacs 2


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