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Cyclomaniacs Instructions

The controls of Cyclomaniacs are easy to learn like most motorcycle games out there. HOWEVER, they are quite hard to master. Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys (which is a lot easier to handle in my opinion) to control, drive, and steer your bike. Tap that X or Space Bar button to bunny hop when you get the chance. When you get airborne, you can hold down the directional keys and... VIOLA! Instant somersault. Also, there's the stunt bar. Perform stunts in mid air and pop wheelies to build it up. Once it's strong enough, you can temporarily get a huge speed boost. Oh, some reminders: make sure you hit the ground facing up or you will crash. Crashing is the last thing you want to do in Cyclomaniacs. This will set you back to the last check point you passed (that's the checkered flag by the way). Check points appear a lot in this game, which sort of makes you think that crashing shouldn't be a HUGE deal in this game. BUT believe me: even seconds of setback can extinguish your hopes of grabbing first place and send all the way down to the last place especially when you are battling neck to neck with other motorcyclists.




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