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Bike Champ 2 Instructions

If you have played Bike Champ before, handling the sequel's controls shouldn't be too hard. While a little more complicated than your usual dose of motorcycle games, it still should be fairly easy to handle. To drive your motorcycle and get going, you need to use your directional keys for the most part: (1) Press the up directional key to start moving forward and hold on to it to accelerate. (2) Go reverse by hitting the down arrow key. (3) To lean back, pressing the left directional key should get the job done, and should you need to push forward, just press the right arrow button. Aside from keep your motorcycle on a good and balanced position when performing tricks and while in mid air, these buttons are also needed to pull off jaw dropping stunts and tricks that will keep the points coming in. Need a temporary speed boost? NO PROBLEM! Your ride comes with a Nitro. Just press the A button and you should be good to go. HOWEVER, if you find yourself going too fast, just pressing the down directional key to brake may not be good enough. What to do? Simple, press the S button for a hard brake. To jump or hop through humps, just hit the D button and you should be hopping through humps and small obstacles like nobody's business. Oh! One last reminder, should you need to restart at the nearest checkpoint or in case you get stranded somewhere along the course, just press R.


Bike Champ 2


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